What is Doing Good? It is an innovative, 501c3 non-profit with the goal to increase the number of volunteers & the number of hours per volunteer. The mission is to educate & engage communities by promoting & celebrating “Doing Good” through volunteerism, & the vision is to be the conduit to educate & inspire cultural shifts toward community volunteerism. The values of Doing Good are Inspiration, Authenticity, Integrity, Connectivity, Inclusivity, Quality, Support, & a Personal approach.
How does Doing Good achieve its goal? Doing Good provides Marketing & Public Relations tools, opportunities, & resources which celebrate volunteers to agencies. The more Doing Good provides agencies, the less time & money they need to spend on marketing & PR, & the more they can spend on their mission. An example of a marketing tool provided agencies is a YouTube Video; an example of a PR opportunity is Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month where media partners publish the story monthly.