The latest about the show . . . we are updating the sizzle reel to feature our host!

Doing Good has a fantastic sizzle reel made possible by 49 donors, talented crew and local volunteers representing a variety of causes. . . & now it will include our host!

View the sizzle reel for the Doing Good TV Show! This 2½ minute video is appropriate for all ages. You saw it when visiting DoingGood.tv for the first time.

A sizzle reel is like a movie trailer & is what tv executives view to decide if they buy the show!

Each person involved made the sizzle reel a success!
The donors listed above funded the sizzle reel - thank you!

The Animal Rescue Volunteer: Tam Singer
Her cause: Dogs
Her organization: MTPRC, Making Tennessee A Place That Really Cares
Her volunteers and friends: Jennifer Gosciniak, Kelani Mueller, Melanie Cochran and The Porch Sitters, Douglas Hopper, Jr. and Steve Cornelius.

The Sewing Mentor Volunteer: Rita Atkins
Her cause: Sewing
Her organization: Sew For Hope
Her volunteers and friends: Anwar Al Saad, Gigi Spires, Lynn Creasy, Marjo Benton, Pau Len Kiim, Richard Gygi and W. Joseph Atkins.

Volunteers sitting on stools:
The Service Dog Volunteer: Rhonda Clark
The Literacy Volunteer: Mayra Yu-Morales
The Prison Prevention Volunteer: Jason Carney
The Medical Program Volunteer: Josh King
The Children's Theatre Volunteer: Maggie Stockton
The Interpreter Volunteer: David Morales
The Neighborhood Volunteer: Jeff Sexton
The Refugee Empowerment Volunteer: Kathy Edson
And thank you to Grecia Rodriguez of ThriftSmart.

Director: Jaclyn Edmonson
Producer: Doing Good
Directors of Photography: David Mellow, Ron Coons
1st Camera: Tracy Facelli, Mark Ramey
Sound: Mike Figlio a.k.a. "The Preacher"
Make-up: TK Kelly
Editor: Andy Kouris with GroundZero Post/Encore Media
Craft Services: Ladawna Parham
PA: Anthony Coppola

A special note of thanks to the following without whose help, this production would not have been possible:
GroundZero Post/Encore Media
FilmNashville Foundation
Women In Film & Television - Nashville

Thank you to MTSU Video & Film Department for partnering on short videos to be released this summer! Each highlights a Rutherford County volunteer!

The recent arts videos were funded by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, cfmt.org and Tennessee Arts Commission, tnartcommission.org Thank you!

Thank you to
Thank you to Meg D. & Nashville Software School for making recent updates to the Doing Good website!

Thank you to HCA & NTC's Hack for the Community for awarding Doing Good IT support! hcahealthcare.com

Thank you to Avery for awarding Doing Good office supplies! avery.com

Support the arts by purchasing a TN specialty license plate! Click here for the information or click here to view the options.

Click here to view videos of local volunteers on the Doing Good TV Channel on YouTube!