The latest about the show . . . we are updating the sizzle reel to feature our host!

Doing Good has a fantastic sizzle reel made possible by 49 donors, talented crew and local volunteers representing a variety of causes. . . & now it will include our host!

View the sizzle reel for the Doing Good TV Show! This 2½ minute video is appropriate for all ages. You saw it when visiting DoingGood.tv for the first time.

A sizzle reel is like a movie trailer & is what tv executives view to decide if they buy the show!

Each person involved made the sizzle reel a success!
The donors listed above funded the sizzle reel - thank you!

The Animal Rescue Volunteer: Tam Singer
Her cause: Dogs
Her organization: MTPRC, Making Tennessee A Place That Really Cares
Her volunteers and friends: Jennifer Gosciniak, Kelani Mueller, Melanie Cochran and The Porch Sitters, Douglas Hopper, Jr. and Steve Cornelius.

The Sewing Mentor Volunteer: Rita Atkins
Her cause: Sewing
Her organization: Sew For Hope
Her volunteers and friends: Anwar Al Saad, Gigi Spires, Lynn Creasy, Marjo Benton, Pau Len Kiim, Richard Gygi and W. Joseph Atkins.

Volunteers sitting on stools:
The Service Dog Volunteer: Rhonda Clark
The Literacy Volunteer: Mayra Yu-Morales
The Prison Prevention Volunteer: Jason Carney
The Medical Program Volunteer: Josh King
The Children's Theatre Volunteer: Maggie Stockton
The Interpreter Volunteer: David Morales
The Neighborhood Volunteer: Jeff Sexton
The Refugee Empowerment Volunteer: Kathy Edson
And thank you to Grecia Rodriguez of ThriftSmart.

Director: Jaclyn Edmonson
Producer: Doing Good
Directors of Photography: David Mellow, Ron Coons
1st Camera: Tracy Facelli, Mark Ramey
Sound: Mike Figlio a.k.a. "The Preacher"
Make-up: TK Kelly
Editor: Andy Kouris with GroundZero Post/Encore Media
Craft Services: Ladawna Parham
PA: Anthony Coppola

A special note of thanks to the following without whose help, this production would not have been possible:
GroundZero Post/Encore Media
FilmNashville Foundation
Women In Film & Television - Nashville

The new videos were funded by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, cfmt.org and Tennessee Arts Commission, tnartcommission.org Thank you!

Thank you to
Thank you to Meg D. & Nashville Software School for making recent updates to the Doing Good website!

Thank you to HCA & NTC's Hack for the Community for awarding Doing Good an app! hcahealthcare.com

Thank you to Avery for awarding Doing Good office supplies! avery.com

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