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The following are promotional ideas to be used by anyone to promote volunteerism. More ideas are added in response to what people want. Are you looking for promotional ideas?

For Those 12 & Under:
Engaging Volunteers Under the Age of 12
For young students, use the word "Volunteer" for the letter "V"
Include volunteer roles and efforts when teaching students about work
Reward students for their volunteer efforts
When having a party, promote an age-appropriate non-profit
Talk about individual or family volunteer activities

For Adults:
Use current resources:
Talk about individual or family volunteer activities
Include volunteer efforts in your resume or CV
Showcase non-profit merchandise, such as a lapel pin, clothes or a bumper sticker
When hosting a social gathering for adults or children, promote an appropriate non-profit

Include volunteer efforts in profiles
Talk about volunteer activities when talking about other, personal activities
Include volunteering pictures on websites approved by the non-profit
Include a Cause button on your Facebook page
Join the non-profit Group on LinkedIn
Send a video of a volunteer serving or talking about that passion to Doing Good
    to post on the Doing Good TV YouTube Channel

For Non-Profits:
Use current resources:
Click for a free document of promotional ideas for any non-profit using little to no budget
Publish an article in the non-profit newsletter about volunteerism
When the media calls, offer volunteers as interviews
Publicly recognize the volunteers for their efforts at meetings and special events
Create a bulletin board featuring volunteers and their efforts
Hold an Open House on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually) and give tours of the
   non-profit space, services and volunteer opportunities

Where pictures are posted or used, include pictures of volunteers
Give volunteers their own office space to use for the computer, calls, etc.
Create a presentation to include at least one volunteer and one staff person from the non-profit
     Travel throughout the community with it
     Give it at the Open House
     Present it at a Board Member’s home during a VIP reception. Include volunteers on the Guest List.

Become a member of www.foursquare.com, enter the location and earn a badge for volunteerism “tasks”
Create a Facebook page, post pictures
Design a blog and feature volunteers
Tweet what volunteers are doing during a major event
Post a video on YouTube of a volunteer volunteering

Through school or homeschool programs:
Create a 1-day, age-appropriate, approved lesson plan for use in current curriculum
Create a volunteering game or homework for the children to take home and make the parents
   aware, especially if the non-profit is applicable to the home or the people in the home


The following is not an endorsement nor a paid advertisement. It is a list of area agencies which support other, local non-profits. To volunteer in or around Nashville, visit VolunteerMatch or Hands On Nashville.

For Individuals or Groups:
Volunteer: www.hon.org
To research local non-profits: www.GivingMatters.com
Volunteer on a Board: www.BoardNetUSA.org
Search for a job: www.CenterForNonProfitManagement.org
Donate any amount of funding to local non-profits: www.GivingMatters.com
Donate food to local non-profits: www.SecondHarvestMidTN.org
Donate new items in bulk to local non-profits: www.CRCNashville.org
Promote a local volunteer or his/her non-profit of choice: www.DoingGood.tv

For Non-Profits:
Create or sustain non-profits: www.CenterForNonProfitManagement.org
Collaborate between arts and businesses: www.ABCNashville.org
Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts: www.ABCNashville.org/Programs/VLPA


The following is not an endorsement nor a paid advertisement. It is a list of resources to encourage volunteerism for as many local non-profits as possible. It connects volunteers with non-profit opportunities and connects non-profits with resources to work more effectively with volunteers.

For Individuals or Groups:
Donate: www.DonorsChoose.org
Donate: www.NetworkForGood.org
Search for a job: www.Idealist.org
Search for a job: www.OpportunityKnocks.org
News: www.GoodNewsNetwork.org
Volunteer: www.VolunteerSolutions.org
Volunteer: www.AmeriCorps.gov
Volunteer: www.CreateTheGood.org
Volunteer – individuals or groups: www.1-800-Volunteer.org
Volunteer – individuals or groups: www.AllForGood.org
Volunteer – individuals or groups: www.HandsOnNetwork.org
Volunteer – individuals or groups: www.NationalService.gov
Volunteer – individuals or groups: www.VolunteerMatch.org
Volunteer – seniors: www.SeniorCorps.gov
Volunteer – youth; Youth Service America: www.YSA.org
Volunteer – youth; Service-learning: www.YouthCommunityService.org
Volunteer on a Board: www.BoardNetUSA.org
Volunteer while traveling: www.GlobalVolunteers.org

For Non-Profits:
Association of Fundraising Professionals: www.AFPNet.org
Federal Funding: www.NationalService.gov
Federal Funding, Collaborations: www.AmeriCorps.gov
Federal Grants, Loans, Tax Information, etc.: www.usa.gov/Business/Nonprofit.shtml
Fundraising information: www.ASmallChange.net
Fundraising information: www.GivingInstitute.org
General non-profit information: www.GuideStar.org
Magazine: Advancing Philanthropy: www.AFPNet.org
Online fundraising tools: www.Fundraising-Online.org
Publication: www.NonProfitQuarterly.org
Publication: www.TheNonProfitTimes.com
Software: discounted: www.TechSoup.org
Tax information: www.IRS.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits