Nashville's Volunteer of the Month program celebrates local volunteers! These local residents volunteer for any non-profit or government agency in the 14 county area of Metro Nashville!

This is a friendly competition. It is a free program which Doing Good and its Media Partners provide its community of over 1.5 million residents. All ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. View the TV, Radio, Social Media or Print Media Pages for the most recent interviews or comment on the Doing Good blog. To nominate someone, read below.

With the help of Media Partners, Doing Good reaches thousands of area residents monthly with the inspirational stories of each Nashville's Volunteer of the Month!

If your nonprofit or government agency is interested in hosting Doing Good, email director@doinggood.tv. (A conference room/multipurpose space is all we need!)

Thank you to MTSU Video & Film Department for partnering on short videos! Each highlights a Rutherford County volunteer!

The recent arts videos were funded by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, cfmt.org and Tennessee Arts Commission, tnartcommission.org Thank you!

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Jan: Sheila Habacker
Feb: Zarita Fears
Mar: Lauren Bellflower
Apr: Kaitlyn Jolley

Jan: Scot Burner
Feb: Lauranette Ford
Mar: Alli Crew
May: Marilin Kelley
June: Jimmy Pitts
July: Patricia Leonard
Aug: Jordan Thomas
Sept: Abinaya Ramakrishnan
Oct: Misha Harris
Nov: Mo McClain
Dec: Denise Stewart

Jan: Keena Alexander
Feb: Dr. Andy Flipse
Mar: Erik Lindsey
Apr: Tiffany Love Harden
May: Taryn Anderson
Jun: Anna Claire Bowen
Jul: Jeremy Bradford
Oct: Corey Alexander
Nov: Tommy Wolosin
Dec: Cayla Cook
Dec: Uncle Classic Barbershop
Nov: Jacky Gomez
Oct: Carleigh Frazier
Sept: Monica Cooley
Aug: Chuck Schlemm
July: Keith McLean
June: Emily Fay
May: Nick Gambill
Apr: Brandi Nunnery
Mar: Martin Plumlee
Feb: Roopa Rao
Jan: Allison Plattsmier

Dec: Joyce Wisby
Nov: Justin Singleton
Oct: Ndume Olatushani
Sept: Michele Harbin
Aug: David Tuchman
July: Misty Woodford
June: Krystle Couch
May: Coach McInnis
Apr: Annah Slayton
Mar: Marc Hewlett
Feb: Lynn Ewing
Jan: Asha Patel

Dec: Charlotte Owen
Nov: Jeff Sexton
Oct: Chuck Hill
Sept: Rita Atkins
Aug: Alexandria McInnis
July: Nadine Rihani
June: Tam Singer
May: Ken & Pam Harms
Apr: Bill Dirl
Mar: Marge Davis
Feb: William & Ebralie Mwizerwa
Jan: Yoshie Lewis

Dec.: Chrystal Juliana
Nov: Lynn Vincent
Oct: Ben Cook
Sep: Rhonda Clark
Aug: Patricia Green
July: Sheyla Paz Hicks
June: Pam Webster
May: Valerie McClain
Apr: Darlene Stephen
Mar: B.J. Givens
Feb: Karen Shayne
Jan: Navita Gunter

Kaitlyn Jolley

When she saw a problem, how did she solve it?

“I saw a widespread impact and knew people were trying to help but weren’t sure how, or where to go.” As a result, she created a map for the local relief organizations to distribute supplies to tornado victims.

To read more about Kaitlyn Jolley click here to visit our blog.

To volunteer in or around Nashville, visit VolunteerMatch or Hands On Nashville.


Nashville's Volunteer of the Month program celebrates local volunteers. These local residents volunteer for any non-profit or government agency in Metro Nashville, the 14 counties in Middle Tennessee including and surrounding Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin and Hendersonville. This is a friendly competition. It is a free program which Doing Good and its media partners provide the community. All ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To nominate someone, call or email Doing Good and say “I nominate (this person) for Nashville's Volunteer of the Month.” The nominee's phone or email address will be needed. Doing Good then follows up and asks him/her to answer the following questions.

All nominees are asked to answer the following questions:
(using this email   or this PDF )

Why do you volunteer?

What have you learned or gained from volunteering that might surprise others?

Do you have specific causes you are especially passionate about? (Examples of causes: feeding the hungry, music education, conservation, etc.)?

What do you do when you volunteer?

What non-profits or government departments you have volunteered for?

Who benefits from your/organization’s volunteer activities?

How many people are served by or benefit from your/organization's volunteer activities?

What part of Metro Nashville do you live in? This includes all 14 surrounding counties. (Please answer with your city, county, “East Nashville”, “Bellevue”, or something similar.)?

What else should we know about you? Is there more to your story Doing Good can share?

1 http://www.volunteeringinamerica.gov/TN/Nashville