Doing Good is where creative people volunteer creatively! Let us know how you want to be involved! Doing Good Committees are: Communications, Events, Finance, Fundraising, Nashville's Volunteer of the Month, Social Media, and TV Show. For details, view the attached document.

Currently recruiting many volunteers for: o Board Members: Treasurer, Secretary, PR
o Finance Committee
o Events Committee
Additional Committees & Special Projects always open to more volunteers: 
Social Media Committee Member Job Description:
To implement the social media strategy for Doing Good.

Time Involved:
Approximately 2-3 hours/month including the 45-minute monthly meeting via conference call plus the self-regulated time implementing throughout the month.

 Work as a team to keep the Doing Good brand consistent throughout all social
media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Company
Page, & YouTube
o Write posts for social media platforms
o Increase the audience on each social media platform
o Take each “to the next level” re: its visual attraction & being user-friendly
o Update photos & descriptions on Instagram
o Update videos & descriptions on YouTube
 Update the Doing Good website
o Update Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month (NVOTM) webpage monthly
o Update the blog on WordPress with NVOTM on the 1 st monthly
o Update the NVOTM published links monthly
 Partner with the Marketing Committee’s Graphic Designer(s) when appropriate

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Assistant Treasurer Job Description:
Assist with the administration of Doing Good financial records.

 Committee Members choose which areas to volunteer in as desired – social
enterprise efforts, QuickBooks, filing of taxes (due May 15 annually) & more.
 Each Finance Committee member works on at least one corporate programs to
passively raise funds for Doing Good. Examples are Kroger Corporate Rewards,
MAPCO Rewards, & AmazonSmiles.
 Partner with Doing Good committees in related efforts such as tickets & billing.
 When the Assistant Treasurer becomes Treasurer, he/she becomes a Board
Member & serves on Doing Good’s Executive Committee.

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Board Member Job Description:
To support the work of Doing Good & provide mission-based leadership &
strategic governance. While day-to- day operations are led by the Executive Director (ED), the Board-ED relationship is a partnership, the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical & expected.

Time Involved:
Quarterly Board Meetings and fundraising events.

 Provide financial oversight to Doing Good (approve annual budget)
 Financially support Doing Good annually with at least $1 personally & commit to bringing in at least $300 throughout the year through tickets sold, introductions to potential sponsors, personal or corporate donations, or general fundraising efforts
 Ensure Doing Good meets all legal & fiduciary responsibilities
 Participate hands-on in at least one (1) Doing Good committee or project
 Participate in the quarterly Board Meetings
 Participate in Doing Good events & activities throughout the year such as sponsorship meetings & other events.
 Offer strategic insight to Doing Good
 Serve as a trusted advisor to the ED
 Contribute to the annual performance evaluation of the ED
 Participate in email conversations on a timely basis
 Recruit potential Board Members year-round with a priority of diversity – of age, race, ethnicity, sex, geography, religion, background in volunteerism & favored causes
 Represent Doing Good throughout the community

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Board Member/Marketing Director Job Description:
Oversee the Doing Good brand.

Time Involved:
Approximately 3 hours/month including the 1-hour monthly Marketing Committee meeting via conference call and Board Member emails during a typical month. Board Meetings are quarterly.

 Chair the Marketing Committee & oversee its activities.
 Oversee & implement the marketing of Doing Good, its events, & programs.
 Work with the Graphic Designer volunteer.
 Give Board Marketing updates & report at quarterly meetings.
 Sign contracts & agreements on behalf of Doing Good as needed.
 Ensure excellent transition of Marketing Director documents & responsibilities to
the following Marketing Director.

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Marketing Committee Member Job Description:
Implement the marketing efforts of Doing Good.

Time Involved:
Approximately 2 hours/month including the 1-hour monthly Marketing Committee meeting via conference call.

 Implement the marketing of Doing Good as an organization.
 Implement the marketing & cross-promotion of Doing Good events & programs.
 Represent the Marketing Committee by partnering with another Doing Good
committee to brainstorm effective marketing ideas with the project at hand &
integrate the Doing Good brand.
 Work with Graphic Designer volunteer when needed.

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Volunteer Manager of Concession Sales Job Description:
Recruits & manages volunteers to sell concessions at Bridgestone Arena events such as Predators games, concerts, ice skating exhibitions, & more.
*This is real world, excellent training for anyone interested in retail, food, or merchandise management.

Time Involved:
Almost daily attention to incoming emails – from the corporate liaison primarily but also potential volunteers & Doing Good. Participation in the 45-minute, monthly Finance Committee conference call.

 Manage volunteers. Ensure each attends a training at Bridgestone Arena & schedule volunteers for the chosen events. Management includes building relationships with the volunteers; communicating via email & phone. In person meetings are at your leisure, yet informal monthly meetups are scheduled for all interested Doing Good volunteers to participate in.
 Respond promptly to interested volunteer inquiries.
 Decide which events Doing Good volunteers will serve & communicate it to the volunteers.
 Read communications from the corporate liaison.
 Provide the corporate liaison the participating volunteers’ names 48 hours prior to trainings & events.
 Report the current status of volunteers, funds raised, & upcoming opportunities through the Finance Committee monthly conference call.
 Experience training & selling concessions at least once in order to better answer
 Resource the Treasurer, who Chairs the Finance Committee, & other Committee Members as desired.

 Organized
 Proactive communicator
 Authentic
 Inclusive
 Supportive

Megan McInnis, President of the Board
615-934- 5087
Communications Committee Participate in online and offline communications to promote volunteerism!
o Interview featured volunteers and write their press releases, articles
o Write PSAs
o Partner with local media
o Coordinate video productions of short videos to air online
o Research and coordinate the cool, interesting avenues to communicate Doing Good
o Write the monthly e-newsletter
o Be a spokesperson for Doing Good
Events Committee Coordinate and/or implement events to celebrate and support volunteerism
o Offline events
- Small and large events including a premier, reception, Annual Garage Sale, annual appreciation event for Volunteer Managers and more.
- Event planning and/or event implementation.
o Online events
- New to Nashville – a unique, online event to showcase volunteerism! Expected timing is fall, 2015.
Finance Committee Manage the monies that make this start-up happen
o Assist with bookkeeping
o Submit annual reports to Secretary of State
o Assist Treasurer in special projects, such as making sure taxes are paid
Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month Committee Build the structure of this new committee to be replicated across the country!
Requirement for participation: to already be an “experienced” volunteer – to already be familiar with what goes into a variety of volunteer activities.
o All members of the committee work together to select Nashville’s Volunteers of the Month. (Except when direct conflicts of interest occur.)
o There are separate activities within the committee, and each person chooses what he/she focuses on:
• Supervise criteria for Nashville’s Volunteers of the Month (NVOTM).
• Personally notify each winner of Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month!
• Reach out to more “real people” for NVOTM nominations to ensure a diversity of representation – of age, ethnicity, geography within the 14-county area, sex, economic background, causes, ways they volunteer, etc.
• Expand Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month program.
• Brainstorm target media ideas to showcase each Nashville’s Volunteer of the Month.
Fundraising Committee Build and manage the relationships that make a diversity of revenue streams happen!
o Either research, contact, and/or meet with potential funders and develop these relationships.
o Manage community programs
- Example: Kroger Community Card program. Programs primarily require application to participate, management of reports, and relationship development with the partner; typically hands-off during execution.
Social Media Committee Connect with anyone interested in inspirational stories of real people who make a difference!
o Further develop the Facebook page and audience development
o Assist in growing the Twitter page audience
o Assist in developing the Pinterest page and audience development
o Further develop the LinkedIn page and audience development
o Post the blog and further develop its audience (Writing it is an option.)
TV Show Committee Whether an industry professional or a closet tv fanatic, play a role in making the tv show a reality!
o Partner with the professional filmmakers to produce the highest quality show possible
o Oversee the Doing Good brand and non-profit requirements in the execution of the show
Special Project: Connecting volunteers through businesses Participate in the creation of a new program to increase volunteerism with or through local businesses.

Plan now for the annual Holiday Party for Doing Good VIPs (Volunteers & other Important People)!
Date: Saturday, Dec. 9
Time: Begins at 6:00pm
Place: 2324 Alteras Drive in Nashville
Food: Potluck

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