What is Doing Good? It is an innovative, 501c3 non-profit with the goal to increase the number of volunteers & the number of hours per volunteer. The mission is to educate & engage communities by promoting & celebrating "Doing Good" through volunteerism, & the vision is to be the conduit to educate & inspire cultural shifts toward community volunteerism. The values of Doing Good are Inspiration, Authenticity, Integrity, Connectivity, Inclusivity, Quality, Support, & a Personal approach.

How does Doing Good achieve its goal? Doing Good provides Marketing & Public Relations tools, opportunities, & resources which celebrate volunteers to agencies. The more Doing Good provides agencies, the less time & money they need to spend on marketing & PR, & the more they can spend on their mission. An example of a marketing tool provided agencies is a YouTube Video; an example of a PR opportunity is Nashville's Volunteer of the Month where media partners publish the story monthly.

The new videos were funded by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, cfmt.org and Tennessee Arts Commission, tnartcommission.org Thank you!

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Thank you to Meg D. & Nashville Software School for making recent updates to the Doing Good website!

Thank you to HCA & NTC's Hack for the Community for awarding Doing Good an app! hcahealthcare.com

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to feed one more family,
to provide shelter for one more person,
to serve a meal to one more home-bound senior,
to clothe one more child who wears the same shirt/pants to school every day,
to inspire creativity in one more pre-teen,
to educate one more at-risk student,
to teach one more adult to read,
to connect with one more senior citizen,
to care for one more caretaker,
to train one more unemployed person,
to provide medicine to one more,
to hold one more hand through recovery,
to serve and protect those who serve and protect,
to focus on the abilities of those with disabilities,
to reinforce the advantages of diversity,
to breathe hope after tragedy and to encourage education as a way of life . . .
to save one more tree, one more animal and
one more person . . .
to help those who want help and
to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves,

. . . to inspire one more person
to make a difference.


Volunteers provide hope and inspiration. They change the world. Yet, they are too often not recognized for their time, talent or effort.

Today more than ever, people are in need and services need to be provided. The most effective way to achieve this is through volunteerism.

By featuring local volunteers already making a difference in the community, Doing Good inspires and educates people to volunteer – reaching them where they are with the real stories of the real people who make real differences in the community!.

Now is the time to recognize these volunteers. By changing the community, they change the world.

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Transparency is important for all non-profits. For any question or request about transparency, contact the Executive Director . Documents commonly requested are 990s, the Letter of Solicitation, the Fiscal Agreement, Annual Reports or various policies. It is law for any non-profit to provide these within 30 days of a written request. Yet, these documents and more are available on www.GivingMatters.com, an online database provided by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.